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Manoukian Art Gallery is a collaborative environment of creative visions featuring daily auctions of national and international, emerging and established, contemporary and classical artists. Manoukian Art Gallery is a massive online auction gallery that sells paintings and art objects of artists from all over the world. We showcase fine art by established and young artists from Armenia and other countries. Works are carefully selected to bring joy to their buyers and provide their owners the exceptional satisfaction of supporting talented young and established artists

Aram Manoukian is an activist and entrepreneur who founded the gallery in 2000 to give voice to artists with a sense of purpose, mission, and message. Aram Manoukian is an active philanthropist and supporter of his homeland Armenia.

Aram Manoukian grew up surrounded by diverse art and culture, which inspired him to help young and unrecognized artists to promote their talent and vision. In 2000, Aram Manoukian opened Revo Art and Jazz Café in Glendale, California. The facility featured daily art exhibits of various artists from different ethnic backgrounds, contemporary and mainstream jazz musicians provided the background music. Revo Art and Jazz Café have donated proceeds from sales to charity in support of Hurricane Katrina victims, the Red Cross, and various home shelters. Revo Art and Jazz Café have also conducted free art classes for kids to instill in our youth early art appreciation.

During these trying times of war in Nagorno-Karabagh, it is particularly important to support Armenian people and culture, said Aram Manoukian. Manoukian Art Gallery is donating 10 percent of its proceeds from online auctions to benefit charity work in Armenia, specifically non-profit organizations that aim to provide health access worldwide, particularly to communities impacted by crises.

All paintings and art objects are provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and export documents.